Hey there, I’m Ellen. I’m a 23 year old film & gender studies student currently based in Salt Lake City. I’m fairly new to the filmmaking game, but my main area of interests are documentary filmmaking and production/costume design. This past summer, I had the opportunity to travel to Italy and make Finding Pride, which profiles the member of Arcigay Genova’s youth group as they prepare for their city’s third-ever Pride festival and work from the ground up to build their city’s burgeoning LGBTQ community.

While I am majoring in a creative artform, I have little free time for creative expression, which is why I am starting this blog. My main focuses are going to be fashion, film, music, and DIY projects, as well as other things that inspire me. This will be a platform to share my own work as well as other work that inspires me. The name Freshmen Generation itself comes from the lyrics of a Lana Del Rey song, someone whose aesthetic and persona are an endless source of fascination and inspiration for me. Please reach out to me if you’re interested in anything you see on this blog. I am always down to make more Internet friends!