Freshmen Generation Stickers at Sugar House Coffee

I’ve had a lifelong love affair with stickers. As a ballet student in elementary school, my mom would bring me stickers for my sticker album on long rehearsal days before recitals. Stickers were a constant impulse buy up until fairly recently (although I still can’t resist any Lisa Frank finds), and even now I always send a few of the hundreds in my collection out whenever I mail anything to a friend.

As a sticker enthusiast, I am really excited to be working with the SLC Local Artist Sticker MachinesΒ to put my photography on stickers available throughout the city.


The pieces that have been selected so far have been some of my favorite Instax pics from the last two and select photos from my first Holga 135 roll. As a photographer I’m most attracted to bright colors, florals, pastels, and anything with a feeling of retro Americana to it, and I think that the designs Natalie selected reflect my general artistic aesthetic very well.

Currently, the first few are available in the newest sticker machine at Sugar House Coffee. Two of my Instax pics are in their own column, and I am one of the artists featured in their collection of pink house stickers. More of my designs will be available at coffee shops and record stores around Salt Lake City in the coming months. Stay tuned for more updates!

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Hey there, I'm Ellen. 23-year-old film & gender studies student. Art house valley girl. A full-on Monet. I wish Sofia Coppola directed my life.

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