Finding Pride at Direct Monthly Online Film Festival

Last year, I spent five weeks in Genova, Italy, where I befriended the members of Gruppo Giovani Arcigay Genova.  While I was there, I interviewed several members about their involvement in the youth group, about the growing LGBTQ community in their city, and about the upcoming Liguria Pride Festival.

Liguria Pride 2016 was to be Genova’s third-ever Pride celebration. The first Pride was in 2009, but it wouldn’t be until 2015 that a second would take place. As civil unions became more accepted by Italian citizens, leading to their legalization and recognition in early 2016, the LGBTQ community began to come into its own in smaller cities such as Genova.

In many ways, the Gruppo Giovani members are working to shape and define the LGBTQ community within their city. When I met up one afternoon with Antonella, one of the group’s presidents and one of my interviewees, she noted that the youth group was just recently starting to gain traction and steady attendees after being active for at least two years. Now, they are organizing LGBTQ meet-ups on a weekly basis all around the city, be it formal presentations on LGBTQ issues, or concerts, or a movie night at their headquarters. I felt honored to have been invited into their spaces, and to have been able to document their community’s coming-together. The resulting project was Finding Pride, which I was able to share with all of my newfound Arcigay friends during my final night in the city.


Almost one full year later, Finding Pride has been accepted into its first film festival! Direct Monthly Online Film Festival is not only Finding Pride‘s first festival, but my first festival as a filmmaker as well. I am so proud to have Finding Pride be that first film I get to share with other filmmakers and viewers around the world. I am grateful to have the opportunity to use this film as a way to elevate the voices of others, and to show how LGBTQ communities and civil rights are changing and growing the world over.

You can view the film here on the DMOFF website. Finding Pride is eligible for the festival’s Audience Award, so please rate this film five stars if you enjoy it. Thanks again to my family and to all my friends at Arcigay Genova for all of your support on this project, and for helping this film make it this far.

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