Halloween Inspo: What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

While Halloween is only one calendar day out of the year, I start celebrating in late September with my favorite Halloween movies, ranging from spooky and silly to downright disturbing. While my overall favorite Halloween movie is a toss-up between Beetlejuice and Rocky Horror, my favorite horror film to revisit this time of year is Wes Craven’s Scream. Year after year, Ghostface has been a wildly popular costume, but for this blog post, I’m channeling a character with a little less screentime.

Drew Barrymore was initially offered the leading role of Sidney Prescott, but she turned it down because of scheduling conflicts and instead opted for the role of Casey Becker, Ghostface’s first victim. At the time it was unconventional for major stars to be cast in horror films, let alone in a relatively minor role. With many audiences expecting Drew to be the film’s star, her death in the film’s opening scene helped established the film as a subversive game-changer in the horror genre.


Casey’s costume can easily be duplicated through finds at your local thrift store. Be aware that now that it is fall, sweaters might be harder to come by now that they are in season and in demand. The J. Crew Factory site has white ribbed sweater similar to Casey’s for a reasonable price, assuming that you don’t already have one of your own.

Casey’s jeans are solid white in this scene, which is a difficult look to pull off, as well as something that could get dirty very easily while at a Halloween party or while out and about on a fall evening. A pair of light blue high-waisted jeans, like these ones from Topshop, have a 90s vibe while still being stylish and wearable.

Look in the electronics section of your local thrift store for either a black landline with a white cord, or a large white cordless phone. If you are carrying a bag, this landline bag from Betsey Johnson is a clever twist on the costume. If you opt for the white cordless phone, be sure to have a prop kitchen knife to complete the look, much like this one.

Casey’s makeup is very minimal, but a nude lipstick is a must. Burt’s Bees makes some reasonably priced lipsticks that are available at most drugstores and full of naturally moisturizing ingredients. Nile Nude is a softer and lighter color, while Suede Splash is darker and more pronounced. Finish a look with some comfortable fall boots to run in vain from two sociopathic teenage boys in, like these black ankle boots from River Island.

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