I Am Doll Parts

I Am Doll Parts was written in early 2015 as an assignment for a gender studies course. Initially, we were all asked to write papers about our ‘gender journeys’, about what our gender identities mean to us and how these ideas about our identities were formed. From there, we were asked to adapt our essays into an art project relating to the personal experiences we had outlined.

The ways that I have experienced being a woman have changed drastically over the years. I decided to break some of these phases of my life down into costumes representative of myself in that era, creating a gender journey paper doll book. I start at age 12, when you first become a ‘young woman’ by LDS standards, and outline how my life has slowly changed up until the week before my 21st birthday when this project was completed.



Outfit #1: “In her honey-dripping beehive”.


Outfit #2: “edge of seventeen”.


Outfit #3: “@ the late night double feature picture show”.


Outfit #4: “too young to be in love”.


Outfit #5: “In between days”.


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Hey there, I'm Ellen. 23-year-old film & gender studies student. Art house valley girl. A full-on Monet. I wish Sofia Coppola directed my life.

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