Mini Mood Boards: Archie Comics

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been kind of obsessed with Archie Comics lately. I love how older issues are perfect time capsules of the decades they were published in, especially in terms of Betty and Veronica’s fashion choices. I also love how groundbreaking the franchise has been in terms of LGBTQ representation. Not only were we given Kevin Keller in 2010, the first openly gay Archie character and the star of his own comic book series, but it was revealed this February that Jughead is canonically asexual. Not only is it very rare to see gay characters as the main characters of their own stories in mainstream publications (it’s also sadly rare to see stories where they aren’t killed off), but Jughead may be the first time I have seen an asexual character in any form of media at all. With this franchise remaining so popular with adults and children alike, it’s exciting to see an accessible media that portrays non-heterosexuality as something that isn’t sleazy or devious, and recognizes that sexuality and attraction work as a spectrum instead of a one size fits all, black-and-white concept.

Also, this week, The Archies are going to 1970s New York to hang with Ramones. How cool is that?


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In addition to being into Archie Comics lately, I’ve also been interested in becoming more familiar with Adobe programming, particularly Photoshop. To practice, I have been making some mini mood boards inspired by my favorite ladies in Riverdale.


There really aren’t many fictional characters I identify with more than Betty Cooper. She is intelligent, fashionable, and a compassionate do-gooder, but at times very insecure and always letting a bland, fickle white boy dictate her emotions. I was inspired most by her aesthetic in her 50s and 60s iterations, which are very light feminine and still totally classic today. My only regret is that I recently found out that her character is allergic to strawberries, and even though it’s a miniscule fun fact about someone who doesn’t exist, I feel bad for pairing her with something that could land her in the hospital.


Because of her popular sitcom in the 90s, very few people know that Sabrina Spellman and Salem are longtime residents of Riverdale and friends with the Archie gang. I love Sabrina’s bleached bob in her comic and cartoon iterations. A 2016 Sabrina would sport a lot of denim and black-and-white stripes. She would know how to read tarot cards and be obsessed with the paranormal. Her favorite TV show is Twin Peaks but she also has a soft spot for The X-Files.


Veronica was probably the most difficult to do. Despite 75 years of Archie Comics, all that can really be said about her is that she is very wealthy, a selfish friend to Betty, and a total ice queen. I’ve seen her sporting a lot of red in the comics, so I decided to make that her focal point. My interpretation of Veronica revolves around her being an Instagram model, a total selfie queen who takes lots of aesthetically pleasing snapshots of sunsets and roses with her rose gold iPhone.

I’m hoping to make boards for all of the leading ladies in the Archie Comics universe, including some more obscure characters. I recently finished a set of Josie and the Pussycats inspired mood boards, so stay tuned!

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